Friday, December 21

the changing year

Although the solstice is not until tomorrow, the evenings are imperceptibly longer. Sunset was 3.31pm today - on the 19th it was 3.30pm.

These are views from the back of our garden, showing the lower slopes of the hill behind our house, and looking south-west towards the distant Black Isle (below).


We have had a heavy frost all this week. This is currently in my hoop, and keeping me cosy by the fireside. It is a baby quilt with 35 4-patches made from a single charm pack - the 4-patches measure 3.5"square as I have to cut off the edges before I start. I wanted the sashing to be heavily quilted, but what I have done is too busy for my liking, and I have some changes in mind for the next 'round'.

'Under the Stars' came out from its resting-place a couple of weeks ago, and I quilted a diamond pattern in the borders. I had put the stars in two of the corners last year, not with a great deal of success. It's difficult with a hoop to keep the 3 layers evenly stretched in the corners. Next time I will use many more pins! Now I need to remember where I put the binding fabric...

Friday, December 7


This very large parcel arrived for me today. A Christmas present from R!

I had to open it, to make sure the contents were OK.

Inside I found a large quantity of this:

one of these:

some books and odds and ends, and...

One of these!

It's a Christmas present, I can't use it just yet. But I can read the instructions.

...maybe I could just practice treadling though? When no-one is around??